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Vocal Six was formed in 1988 in Helsingborg, in the far south of Sweden. The six original members began singing together in school, and went on to higher education at the Malmö Academy of Music. Since the start they have performed at a large number of stages and festivals in Europe, Asia and the USA, on TV and on the radio. As trained music pedagogues and coaches the have given countless workshops, both in Sweden and abroad in, for instance, Germany, UK, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore. Their discography consists of seven CD's and one live concert DVD.

  • Staffan Paulson <small>tenor</small>

    Staffan Paulson tenor

    The son of Stig and brother of Mats, all of them perfectly used to choirs. From Mjöhult, nowadays living in Åkarp between Malmö and Lund, with a singing wife and two sons. Extremely busy as an arranger. How and why his head is filled with the names of every cruise liner in the world exceeding 25,000 gross tons is very bewildering.

    Staffan loves to enjoy a nice cigar and a nice big chunk of chocolate.

    He shares a French car with his wife. We all pray that he keep his driver's licence — after warning you get a penalty.

    Write to Staffan at: staffan@vocalsix.com

  • Stefan Högström <small>tenor</small>

    Stefan Högström tenor

    Imported from Orust, an island close to Gothenburg. He is a rock tenor, somewhat inclined to folk music. He never misses the Bingsjö convent. When he gets hold of his accordion, northern lightning is produced as he pushes the buttons and blue smoke sips from his ears. He rarely plays the piano. He gave up golf.

    Stefan can generate the horrifying sound of acoustic feedback, whenever he feels an urge to become really loud and annoying.

    He shares a car, but has his own driver's license, and two sons.

    Write to Stefan at: stefan@vocalsix.com

  • Robert Green <small>tenor</small>

    Robert Green tenor

    Very much from Malmö. He was included in the sextet after having harped on about it forever from behind the mixer board. He doesn't have a barbershop background, but is dedicated to pop and pop only.

    When he doesn't sing he plays the guitar for example. Or golf. The two cars are very dear to Robban and his wife, living in the outskirts of Malmoe with their two sons.

    Robban once lost his driver's licence, and not because he forgot where he left it.

    Write Robban at: robban@vocalsix.com

  • Tommy Wallström <small>tenor</small>

    Tommy Wallström tenor

    Emigrant from the rocky forests of Mid-Sweden. Studied musical drama in Bjärnum, more music at Malmö College of Music, and now teaches music at a high school in Lund. 

    Resides in Bjärred with his creative and intelligent wife, two kids and two cars. Apart from these, he also likes high notes, looking good and playing beach volleyball.

    Skilled at slamming on the brakes. Lost his driving license in a lake twice.

    Write Tommy at tommy@vocalsix.com.

  • Peder Tennek <small>bas</small>

    Peder Tennek bas

    Bass singer and what you might call the president of the Vocal Six company. Organiser slash project manager, and a veritable memory bank. Weak-sighted with photographic hearing – and is a speaker motivator: pedertennek.se.

    Resides in the heart of Helsingborg, where it all started, with his family and a dog.

    Peder loves food, preferably good food, and he never lets it get cold. He is not allowed to have a driver's licence.

    Write to Peder at: peder@vocalsix.com

  • Per Kockum <small>baryton</small>

    Per Kockum baryton

    Morbidly confirmed and native-born "Lundener" (i.e. from Lund), living in the central part of Lund with his little family. If not at a ball or students' farce, he just sits there, discussing spelling misstakes with the other academiks. He also enjoys namedropping in his favourite area of film.

    Per, a.k.a. Pelle, is pro-environment and loves nature. Unfortunately he is allergic to most fur animals. Cooking is something that he does darned well, generally with his clothes on, and he can transform the most instant noodles into a true gourmet dinner.

    He enjoys riding his bikes, but outside of town he prefers a red, (relatively) sporty Japanese vehicule.

    Write Per at: per@vocalsix.com


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